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  1. The Sandyhook Hoaxer community epitomizes being “Dumbed Down.” I have yet to meet or correspond with a Hoaxer who is willing to look at the official report or extracts of it- doing so would be akin to reading the “Satanic Bible” for a practicing Christian.
    Yet, when asking for proof or sources for ridiculous claims, the answer is invariably, “do some research,” ie, watch a YouTube video. Regarding Fetzer’s Plausible deniability, I believe his reason for Editing a book with several contributors is to establish legitimacy by number, much like a quick scan of YouTube Hoaxer videos could sway somebody ignorant of the facts. Safety in numbers.

  2. The police dash cam video Halbig received did not have time and date stamps. He was given video from a different car. If there were children in the school that day, why no video of the evacuation of hundreds of children?

    • The CSP will not release the Seabrook and Sinko DVDs. However, Newtown already released those videos via an FOI and are publicly available. A person may easily access the time and date of a video via options. It is as easy as changing the closed caption choice on a TV.

      The Chapman and Bahamonde videos were NOT released to the public. They show the massive evacuation of children from the north east corner of the school where most of the children were evacuated.

      Halbig has received dozens of SHES work order documents that he failed to look at and six months later asked for those very same documents. He has not released those documents to his followers. He has also never given an accounting for the donations he has received yet demands that United Way release its records even though they are freely available online.

      I personally would not put a lot of faith in Halbig’s research abilities given that he graduated from high school with a 1.0 GPA and made it through college on a football scholarship. He does have some skills that he maximizes. See

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