Very Impressive Effort from Deanna Spingola
Bridget G. on April 15, 2015

The title of this book “Screening Sandy Hook – Causes and Consequences” doesn’t do justice to the broad scope contained within. For those who are skeptical, or even just curious about the events of December 14, 2012, your questions are answered and then some, as Ms. Spingola leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of the truth.
The book is divided into 5 parts:
Part 1 – Vaccines: The Primary Assault
Part 2 – The FDA: Protecting the Corporations
Part 3 – The Psych Drugs, a Secondary Assault
Part 4 – Predictable Violence and its Aftermath
Part 5 – Operation Damage Control

In part one Deanna covers the history of vaccination in this country, the rise of vaccine-related disease and injuries, and damage control for the pharmaceutical industry, otherwise known as the Simpsonwood Conference. “Simpsonwood, Opinions Trump Science” is a revealing glimpse into the world of the CDC, and how they use the tactics of consensus opinion rather than scientific studies to form policy.
Part 2 is an excellent expose on the FDA, which is supposed to protect the public from dangerous food and drugs, and falls extremely short of those goals, with disease and death the inevitable consequence.
In Part 3, Deanna explores the psychiatric industry, and discusses how the DSM – Diagnostics and Statistics Manual – the psychiatric guide, creates names for mental illness based on consensus, and not science. The ill-advised, dangerous practice of the psychiatric drugging of children is also covered in this section.
Part 4 is partly a study of Adam Lanza, a “ticking time bomb”, and his descent into madness. Also covered in this part: psychiatric screening, and the policy of never letting a serious crisis go to waste. The government, along with the pharmaceutical industry used the tragic events at Sandy Hook to “…impose a previously conceived mandatory draconian mental health care system on American citizens under the guise of preventing such horrific tragedies in the future.”
Part 5 is probably the most important part of the book, as it addresses the aftermath of Sandy Hook, and the intrigue and disinformation that was and is rampant in the alternative media. People view altered, truncated or looped youtube videos and jump to incorrect conclusions regarding Sandy Hook, never taking the time to research for themselves, and then it’s on to the next big news event. In contrast, Ms. Spingola has done due diligence in every aspect of this book, which becomes obvious as one progresses through the pages. As usual, Deanna thoroughly documents her sources, which are extensive (1497 footnotes).
I recommend this book for everyone, especially those who are concerned about the many and varied issues addressed therein, such as the vaccine schedule, psychiatric drugs, especially as prescribed for children, school shootings and MCI’s (mass casualty incident), and how they are used to further agendas, and imposters and provocateurs in the so-called truth movement.

I enjoy reading the footnoted reference materials
Richard y williams jr on May 15, 2015

I have read Deanna’s Elite Trilogy and a majority of her posted articles on her website, and have listened to many of her shows. The information contained in the first 30 pages of “Screening” is worth the price of admission. I enjoy reading the footnoted reference materials, and this book is loaded. If you are sitting on the fence regarding vaccinations, or believe blindly that our government has our best interests at heart, read this. If you believe that Sandyhook never happened, read this. It does have a couple of typos, being a first edition, but the information more than compensates for them. If you want a comic book, read Beck, this book stands on it’s own without an elitest agenda. Without an apology.

This book deserves your attention.
G. Citrigno on July 18, 2015

Screening Sandy Hook is an exhaustive work by Deanna Spingola which details how an out-of-control pharmaceutical industry contributed to the murder of 20 school children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This book deserves your attention.

“Most parents would never consider dispensing deadly addictive “street” drugs to their children but if a trusted physician writes a prescription for an FDA-approved schedule 2 “medication” for their two-year old based on some questionable mental health screening, those unwary parents do not question or object. Despite side effect warnings, regularly revealed during TV ads, parents frequently fail to take those warnings seriously, perhaps presuming that the side effects are happenstance or rarely occur. Over the decades, because organized psychiatry, represented by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), convened numerous consensus panels that designed hundreds of non-biologically-based “disorders” for its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) especially suitable for the pill-for-every-ill pharmaceutical industry that conceivably already had many profitable solutions for the “disorders,” in the pre-production process. The consequences have been disastrous with no discernable end in sight – some people taking prescription drugs or withdrawing from them have perpetrated school, mall and public shootings. That is in addition to thousands of suicides that the public never hears about, unless the victim is a well-known public figure like Robin Williams. Just the military-related suicide rate is 8,000 per year -untold numbers of these are the result of the psych drug cocktails doled out by psychiatrists working for the VA. The government is big pharma’s largest customer. In addition to the homicides and suicides, irreversible brain damage results from drug remedies to temporary problems that might have been easily resolved through compassionate interaction and talk therapy. Despite the claims that drugs were not a factor in the Sandy Hook mass murders, certain circumstances provide a different picture. Adam Lanza, always a unique individual, changed from being a “geeky, weird kid” to being a mass murderer, not of people his own age, but of beautiful, vulnerable children feeling secure in their classrooms in a sleepy bedroom community in Connecticut.”

James Perloff on August 15, 2015

This book offers a great deal beyond what its title suggests. With her superlative research skills, Deanna has written what is perhaps the most lucid indictment of Big Pharma I have ever read. The material on the inefficacy and harm of vaccines is worth the price of the book alone. But there is so much else on Big Pharma: its cozy relationship with the FDA, its suppression of drug studies that had negative results, its unethical marketing methods.
Deanna makes a powerful case that much violence is linked to anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals, and she believes Sandy Hook is very probably rooted in this. While I myself am skeptical of the official account of Sandy Hook, Deanna does make compelling rebuttals to some of the claims made in alternative media, and her points merit a hearing.
My favorite quote from the book: “It is 9,000 times more likely that a person will be killed by a doctor than by a gun owner.”

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