May 7: establishment of the AMA, a private, secretive organization of allopathic physicians

January 1: England and Wales imposed mandatory smallpox vaccines

July 15: The London Lancet reported that 6,854 of the 9,392 smallpox victims in the London hospitals had been vaccinated

April 14: the AMA was incorporated in Chicago as a profit-based medical system

June: Rockefeller founded The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research to study eugenics

U.S. enacted a compulsory smallpox vaccination program in the Philippines though the citizens had never experienced smallpox

First deadly smallpox epidemic in the Philippines

Carnegie Foundation published Flexner’s Medical Education in the United States and Canada

First mandatory vaccination of every US soldier (diphtheria) at the end of WWI

May 13: DuPont filed a patent for an ethyl mercury fungicide called Ceresan
June 27: Morris Kharasch filed a patent for thimerosal, marketed by Eli Lilly
October: Eli Lilly registered thimerosal under the trade name Merthiolate

Forestry industry used Kharasch’s ethyl mercury chloride called K-1 for fungus
In the 1930s, drug makers began using thimerosal in vaccines and other products

Food and Drug Cosmetics Act altered the system of how drugs were sold

Congress gave doctors their monopolistic prescribing privileges
April 4: CIA Director officially established the Psychological Strategy Board

First Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published

April 11: establishment of the Department of Health and Human Services

Federal agencies began mass polio vaccinations

September: NIMH held conference to “consider the entire psychotropic question.”

The incidence of polio increased by 50% (1957-1958 and by 80% (1958-1959)

FDA approved Ritalin (methylphenidate hydrochloride), a schedule II drug
June 30: FDA told drug makers that they would not approve of SV40-contaminated polio vaccines after that date

GD Searle chemist accidently discovers aspartame which the pentagon lists as a prospective biochemical warfare weapon

Seven monkeys fed aspartame with milk, one dies, five have Grand Mal seizures

January: CDC approved of the drug maker’s use of thimerosal in vaccines

Dr. John Olney finds that aspartame causes holes in the brains of infant mice
FDA quality control official expressed concern about the mercury in vaccines
Beginning of increased lawsuits against drug firms due to DTP vaccine injuries

US government terminated the use of mercury compounds in industrial situations

July 1: Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) created to control and regulate
FDA approved thimerosal for numerous products

Creation of fluoxetine by a scientist at Eli Lilly
Eli Lilly ceased production of vaccines
APA formed a task force to assess the importance of pharmaceutical support

Henry Gadsden, of Merck, said he wanted Merck to “sell to everyone”

Jonas Salk admitted that the mass polio vaccinations caused most of the cases of polio since 1961

Autism appeared in the DSM for the first time
APA’s board voted to allow drug makers to start sponsoring scientific symposiums
The APA added ADHD to the DSM
October 19: FDA announced the unsafety of OTC products containing thimerosal

Merck advertised in Reader’s Digest in the first (DTC print ad
FDA approved Xanax (alprazolam) as an anti-anxiety agent
June 6: Peter Lanza and Nancy Champion marry

January 5: introduction of hepatitis B vaccine for high risk adults
April: TV documentary, DPT: Vaccine Roulette, shown in Washington DC
FDA panel concluded that thimerosal was unsafe and ineffective as a bacteriostatic

September 24: Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984

FDA consider accepting clinical trials conducted in other countries
APA secretary Fred Gottlieb observed that the APA was now receiving “millions of dollars of drug house money” each year
British Medical Research Council compared the toxicology of ethyl and methylmercury

Suicide became apparent in Eli Lilly’s clinical trials of Prozac
February: Winship published Organic mercury compounds and their toxicity
November 14: Congress passed National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA)

December 29: FDA approved Prozac for treating depression

January: Eli Lilly launched Prozac in the United States
NIMH conducted its Depression Awareness Recognition and Treatment campaign
October 1: creation of National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)
October 1: Vaccine makers receive immunity from prosecution for injury/death

January 1: Congress designated the beginning of the Decade of the Brain
March 26: Newsweek’s cover: Prozac: a Breakthrough Drug for Depression
March 29: NY Times science writer promotes Prozac
July 17: President Bush announces confirms the Decade of the Brain
August 1: the FDA dismissed the Scientology petition
August 2: Operation Desert Shield, US military received anthrax vaccine
August: US military destroy Iraqi’s electricity production facilities, nuclear reactors, port facilities, telecommunications equipment, oil refineries and distribution, railroads and bridges
August 6: UN Security Council impose sanctions on Iraq (Resolution 661)

January 17: Operation Desert Storm, vaccines cause chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and gastrointestinal disorders
CDC altered and increased the number of vaccines in its schedule
May 6: Time vilified Scientology as a “ruthless, terroristic, litigious, lucrative” cult
June 23: pentagon officials admitted deliberate intention to destroy to Iraq’s ability to support itself
Dr. Hilleman (retired Merck vice president) admitted that thimerosal was almost 50% mercury

April 22: Adam Lanza is born (C-section) at Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire
June 12: Dr. George Peter (AAP) justified the Hepatitis B vaccine to all infants
October 1: establishment of SAMHSA
October 29: George H. W. Bush enacted the Prescription Drug User Fee Act

April 1: US government to provide free vaccines to all children
May 11: Ciba sponsored the 4th Annual Decade of the Brain Symposium
AAP’s efforts diminish the data that doctors provide to their patients or to parents


By 1995, NVICP had paid $700 million to victim families for vaccine injuries
March 10: Shalala (DHHS Secretary) removed all seizure disorders from the Vaccine Injury Table in the NCVIA


March 24: CDC published a list of vaccines for routine administration to children
April 23: Reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992
August 6: CDC added Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenza type b, and varicella vaccines to its schedule
EPA presented two reports on mercury and its health implications to Congress
August 8: FDA issued guidelines that enabled the use of broadcast ads for DTC
November 21: Clinton signed the FDA Regulatory Modernization Act of 1997

June 29: FDA issued guidelines for drug testing on children by drug companies
October 7: Implementation of FDA Modernization Act, Dr. Friedman testified
November 16-18: NIH Expert Panel (Consensus Conference) on ADHD
December 14: FDA requested mercury data in drugs and food from manufacturers

April 1: FDA Regulatory Modernization Act of 1997 took effect
April 20: Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado
April 29: William Egan, FDA, wrote a letter to drug companies
June 1: manufacturers deadline to submit data on products containing mercury
July 1: CBER told vaccine makers that it would continue to evaluate thimerosal
July 7: the AAP and PHS released a Joint Statement about thimerosal in vaccines
July 9: CDC announced the Joint Statement by the AAP and PHS
August 27: FDA approved Merck’s single-antigen preservative-free hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax HB®, Pediatric)
November 26: CDC rejected SmithKline Beecham’s proposal to produce a thimerosal-free DTaP vaccine

February 29: Verstraeten gives internal report to CDC committee
March 9: Verstraeten emailed Davis and DeStefano about thimerosal damage
April 6: Dan Burton’s hearing on vaccine safety
May 15: Official report of Columbine released
May 16: Safe Minds Group meeting at NIH and FDA
June 7-8: CDC’s National Immunization Program Simpsonwood Conference
June 15: Burton’s hearing on conflicts of interest in the vaccine approval process
June 21: CDC’s ACIP discussion of Vaccine Datalink thimerosal study
July 11: Burton hearing about mercury, moms testify about their children
July 14: Verstraeten wrote to Grandjean about his misgivings about thimerosal
July 16: Mark Blaxill of Safe Minds presented info to Immunization Safety Review Committee
July 31: Safe Minds wrote to FDA chief Jane Henney asking her to prohibit thimerosal in medical products
September 18-19: DHHS, the FDA, the NIMH, and other government agencies held consensus conference
October 2-3: Psychopharmacology for Young Children, consensus conference
November 7: Liz Birt filed FOIA requesting info from Simpsonwood conference
December 23: Bush named Mitch Daniels of Eli Lilly as the OMB Director

CDC altered and increased the number of vaccines in its schedule again
CDC rejected the use of thimerosal-free vaccines that the drug makers offered
June 20: Andrea Yates, on various psych drugs, drowned her 5 kids
August: Lilly lost its U.S. patent protection for Prozac
October 1: IOM dismissed causal link between thimerosal and autism
Vaccine makers conducted a precautionary removal of thimerosal in some vaccines

March 7: Liz Birt, Counsel for Safe Minds, wrote to Congressman Dan Burton
April 29: Bush established the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
November 25: Bush’s Homeland Security Act took affect

January 3: FDA officially approved of Prozac for children from 7-17
March 19: US invasion of Iraq, bombing destroys Iraq’s healthcare system
May 20: Dan Burton presented data to the House regarding mercury in vaccines
May 22: End of US economic sanctions against Iraq
August 18: policies enacted s that drug companies could introduce generic versions
November 22: Dr. Yoshitake Tanaka of the Kitasato Institute met with Dr. William Egan and FDA officials
December 8: Bush signed Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act

February 2: FDA held public hearing about reports of suicides in the clinical trials
February 2: Dr. Peter R. Breggin addressed the FDA Panel
February 9: IOM convened a conference to examine thimerosal in vaccines
March 22: FDA alerted the public about SSRI risks via a Public Health Advisory
May 27: Autism One Conference in Chicago with Dr. Andrew Wakefield
September 8: Egan testified to House committee about thimerosal in vaccines
September 9: FDA hearing about the adverse effects of antidepressants
September 13-14: FDA hearings at the Holiday Inn in Bethesda, Maryland
September 23: Dr. Temple testified before Senate about depression and suicidality
October 15: FDA warned people of the adverse effects of antidepressants on adolescents
December 1: CDC added hepatitis A vaccine to the VICP

July 1: CDC added the trivalent influenza vaccines to its schedule
September 11: Dr. Fox diagnosed Adam Lanza with Aspergers syndrome
The US and the EU began removing mercury-containing vaccine from their schedule

January 4: Walgreens released a report showing the growth for the preceding year
January 25: AMC Entertainment Inc. and Loews Cineplex Entertainment merged
May 18: Merck announced that the FDA’s Advisory Committee approved Gardasil
October 24: Dr. King diagnosed Adam Lanza with OCD and profound ASD

February 1: CDC added meningococcal and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines
February 1: Nancy Lanza and Dr. Paul Fox communicated via email
April 18-19: IOM conference, Autism and the Environment: Challenges and Opportunities for Research
December 18: rescinding of the Fairness Doctrine, more media monopolization

January 17: Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule posted a document on the Internet
April 24: Jesus Carrizales hit Fresno high school’s officer with a baseball bat.
September 23: culinary student Matti Saari shot and killed 9 students and a teacher

August 19: Newtown Bee published Back to School special focusing on SHES
September: Peter and Nancy Lanza formally get divorced
December 24: Wellstone-Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

February 5: Hammad Memon shot and killed Discover Middle School student
March 3: NSSC issued 49-page document of all media-reported “school associated deaths”
April 1: implementation of the new mental health program in Connecticut
December 13: A 17-year-old boy held 20 pre-school kids and their teacher hostage

February 16: HHS unveiled the 2010 National Vaccine Plan, a 10-year strategy
April: Lanza began going to the Loews Theater in Danbury to play DDR
September 21: Christian Helms shot and wounded Socastee High School’s “resource” officer
October 24: 15-year-old girl stabbed a girl 25 times at Snohomish High School

April 20: PhRMA announced that big pharma is now developing 300 new vaccines
July 13: Fox relinquished his license to practice in Connecticut and New York
November: Adam Lanza discontinued his visits to the Loews Theater in Danbury
December 14: school shooting drill in Bridgeport, 19 to 20 miles from Newtown
December 14: former neighbor said that Lanza was a “really rambunctious kid”
December 15: Dr. H. Wayne Carver gave a press conference
December 15: CNN filmed Robbie Parker in an eighteen-minute press conference
December 16: Tom Ridge on Fox News said the drugs influenced SHES shootings
December 17: 27-second of the CNN video saying Robbie Parker was an actor
December 17: detectives interviewed Fox by phone, about AL’s medical records
December 18: Alex Jones had the 27-second video on his InfoWars website
December 18: Sanjay Gupta on CNN said that drugs influenced SHES shootings
December 18: Anderson Cooper had the parents of Grace McDonnell on CNN
December 18: Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviewed Gene Rosen
December 18: Mark S. Mann appeared on Sean G. Turnbull’s SGT Report
December 19: Rachael Van Ness received copies of AL’s psych/counseling records
December 20: J. Friend said the shooting was a major cover-up and PSYOP
December 20: Christian Dem wrote about a post on Dr. James Tracy’s blog
December 21: Jay Johnson said it was a psychological operation and a hoax
December 24: James Tracy wrote The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information
December 27: Veteran’s Today published Cimino and Fetzer’s Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax
December 27: Peter Lanza claimed his son’s body

January 2: Fox News broadcaster noted the tie between mass murder and psych drugs
January 3: Governor Malloy established the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission
January 7: the Sun Sentinel published an article about James Tracy and his claims
January 7: YouTuber published 30-minute video, Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed
January 7: Alex Jones appeared on Piers Morgan’s CCN show talking about gun control
January 8: Kaili Joy Gray ridiculed James Tracy on the Daily Kos
January 8: Christian Dem wrote that Tracy claims that the media were complicit
January 11: 10.6 million views of Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed
January 11: CNN’s Anderson Cooper highlighted Tracy, gave out web site URL
January 12: Christian Dem (Daily Kos) wrote about Cooper’s program on Tracy
January 14: Megan Kelly (Fox News) gave air time to James Tracy’s views
January 14: Cooper broadcasted from Newtown and talked about the gun issue
January 15: Sean Johnson shot and killed an official at the Stevens Institute
January 16: Obama issued 23 Executive Orders on Gun Control
January 16: Mike Powers (Hollingsworth) was on Joyce Riley’s The Power Hour
January 16: a website published a portion of the CNN video of Robbie Parker
January 16: Sandy Hook Justice claimed Robbie Parker was an actor
January 17: a YouTube user uploaded just twenty-seven seconds of the CNN video
January 18: Alex Jones’s InfoWars website published the 27-second video
January 18: two BuzzFeed journalists talked about people had crossed the barrier from the alternative to the mainstream media
January 18: James Tracy was on the Alex Jones Show with Paul Joseph Watson
January 19: Ben Swann questioned the idea that there was only one shooter at SH
January 19: Mark Howitt published video, Sandy Hook – The Documentary, part 1
January 23: Nodinsinfo claimed that all of the Sandy Hook parents were phonies
January 25: Mark Howitt published video, Sandy Hook – The Documentary, part 2
January 27: two authors co-hosted radio program, The Sandy Hook Massacre, What Really Happened
January 30: YouTuber claims SHES was not in operation, 98,848 views
January 30: Cimino and Fetzer wrote The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook
February 11: Hunter Stuart wrote an article for the Huffington Post, Sandy Hook Hoax Theories Explained: Why Newtown ‘Truther’ Arguments Don’t Hold Up
March 5: Sheila Matthews (AbleChild) sent a four-page letter to Dr. Carver
March 19: Dr. Carver denied AbleChild’s request for information
April 1: FDA allows preservatives, diluents, adjuvants, and aluminum in vaccines
April 4: AbleChild attorney Emord filed a 26-page appeal using the (FOIC) to obtain AL’s medical records
April 4: Public Act 13-3 approved making changes in firearms policies in CT
May 7: Peter Lanza signed a release form for AL’s medical records to the CT ME
May 13: Carver releases AL’s toxicology results from his autopsy
August 1: Governor Malloy had appointed Sarah Eagan as the Child Advocate
August 22: Kwanashie admitted that releasing data about AL’s prescription drug use could “… cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.”
October 1: anyone buying ammunition has to have state-issued gun credentials
October 21: Jose Reyes killed a teacher and wounded two students at Sparks Middle School
November 25: Stephen J. Sedensky’s report released
December 27: Official report released by the State Attorney’s office

January 18: Peter Lanza willing to release AL’s treatment records to SHAC
January 23: Scott Jackson, the SHAC chair, met with Peter Lanza
March 14: SHAC members Schwartz and Flaherty viewed some of Lanza’s school, medical and psychological records
March 17: The New Yorker published Andrew Solomon’s interview of Peter Lanza
April 10: UNICEF starts nationwide polio vaccination campaign in Iraq
April 25: Chris Plaskon stabbed Maren Sanchez at Jonathan Law High School
May 13: to date, 38,773 people reported to have side effects when taking Prozac
May 23: Elliot Rodger killed six and injured thirteen others then committed suicide
June 5: Ybarra killed one and wounded two at Seattle Pacific University (DR)
July 25-27: two dozen people killed in Chicago
August 15: Jackson said, “Our report is not going to be a deconstruction of Adam Lanza.”
September 24: Alex Jones web site published article claiming the FBI showed no murders in Newtown in 2012