Sandy Hook was Open and Functioning — 4 Comments

  1. My dear goodness what luck that we had our school days in the years 50 and 60 without all that gear or school gadgets, we had to learn from the books and old wall plates and scrolls for the maps of geography. And we learned and made it for life and still have the profit of that learning even after 60 years. We learned much more than the children of today and much homework of all the lessons. And no calculator no computer no projector etc. I am still proud about our teachers of those old days. These young years after WW2. And that in the Netherlands of Continental Europe. What a training we had, perfect. Matthew

  2. All of your books (which I have purchased) up to this one debunks the “official report/story” and then all of a sudden the official report is credible in the sandy hoax incident… I’ve lost all respect!

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