Sandy Hook was Open and Functioning — 9 Comments

  1. My dear goodness what luck that we had our school days in the years 50 and 60 without all that gear or school gadgets, we had to learn from the books and old wall plates and scrolls for the maps of geography. And we learned and made it for life and still have the profit of that learning even after 60 years. We learned much more than the children of today and much homework of all the lessons. And no calculator no computer no projector etc. I am still proud about our teachers of those old days. These young years after WW2. And that in the Netherlands of Continental Europe. What a training we had, perfect. Matthew

  2. I cannot believe foolish Fetzer and the rest of the, “nobody-died gang”, continue to try and prove their lies. Has he lost his mind? I think so.

  3. All of your books (which I have purchased) up to this one debunks the “official report/story” and then all of a sudden the official report is credible in the sandy hoax incident… I’ve lost all respect!

  4. I went to, and it looks like there is no activity for academic year 2012-2013, which is when the shooting happened. I don’t see much in this report that indicates activity after June, 2012, which would be the end of the 2011-2012 year.

    • I’ve checked over 100+ elementary schools around the country between the years 2010 and 2013, SHES has less information available online than ANY other school in the country for this time period. Still…… not solid evidence that the school was closed.

  5. The one “anomalie” I’ve yet to see an explanation is the video of an alleged swat team member walking toward the video cameraman holding a AR-15 rifle like a kindergartener with a pop gun who tries to hide his face when he notices he’s being filmed. As strange as that was it’s even more strange to see the same fat face swat team member later being interviewed on TV with his alleged wife claiming to be the parent of one of the slained children. The whole interview was an attack on guns and a promotion for gun control as the dead child or the alleged deranged shooter were not the topic of the interview…..So how do u explain what our eyes witnessed away…..The incident alone along with our govts known history of false flags and lying was enough for me to know sandy hook should forever be known as Sandy HOAX!! I’ve seen nothing in your research with concrete resolve to change my 2-bit opinion…..

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