Wolfgang Halbig, Psych Drugs and Court Cases — 6 Comments

  1. You were just the right person to look at these drugs and the effect they could be having. I’m not sure what came first here, but I would have to think there is some exacerbation and progression. Initially, for example, he was just looking at “10 minutes” (he used to say this repeatedly) – now he is literally obsessed with trying to identify some little children .. it’s definitely getting worse as he degrades exponentially.

  2. Just so you know, quite a few of your links show the Google 404 error. I am wondering how you found that Halbig took psych drugs, it seems like this kind of info shouldn’t be disclosed to the public.
    You may take comfort in knowing, word is Halbig has been diagnosed w/ cancer,

    • Thank you for the alert that several links need to be fixed. No one with any shred of decency would take comfort when someone is diagnosed with cancer or any other disease. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Do we have proof? Wolfgang was saying the same thing in Mar 2018. If its true.. no one should wish that on anyone.. but hes pulled this one before and he is a demented vil compulsive liar…

    BTW.. The pscych drug info came from his own mouth during a sworn deposition.

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