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  1. This rampage on Halbig does absolutely nothing to change this magnificent fraud forged on the American people by operatives within the Obama/Soetoro administration. Of course the media and federal employees from FEMA, the FBI and Connecticut refuse to disclose the truth but an interested public avid in their quest for truth and justice have investigated this fraud on their own and collectively exposed this manufactured fraud and all it’s missing bits and pieces. From the predated publishing of death to the massive amounts of unaccounted cash into the United Way and personal “grieving parents” accounts. Hundreds of questions remain about the forged victim family photos, the unusual senior moms of fake dead kids, none of the two hundred plus kids shown on positioned patrol car dash cams fleeing the abandoned school, and this is a good one—-no EMT’s allowed into the school to perform potential life saving efforts, simply denied? That is sick and I dare anyone to explain that one with any sense of humanity. That is indefensible. And who determines cause of death? the cops? Nope, the coroner but he didn’t do it and these liars keep trying to make us believe that? This story is so full of holes it completely condemns congress and the DOJ to third world status for allowing this garbage to continue.

  2. Ed, I understand your frustration. Many of the claims that you cite come from Halbig and his supporters. The three officers that initially entered the school were EMTs. You are right, EMTs do not declare death. However, in any Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) officials use the Start Triage which uses four colors: black, red, green and yellow. Victims are then tagged according to those assessments. According to the Mass Casualty Care Committee, convened by the Connecticut EMS Advisory Board (November 16, 2005) the tagging of patients is usually completed in the first 10-15 minutes. Only one or two people are responsible for these assessments. Tagging is completed before the back-up responders are brought in from the staging area, which in the case of SHES was the Sandy Hook firehouse.

    Among the law enforcement first responders, there were two EMTs (CSP Sgt William Cario and TFC Patrick Dragon), and one Registered Nurse (CSP Sgt. William Blumenthal). Six and a half minutes after his arrival at the school, and after the shooter’s body and those of his victims were found, Sgt. Cario switched to a medic role, put on gloves and performed the first patient assessments. Approximately 11 minutes later, Sgt. Cario escorted three tactical and highly-trained paramedics into the school to perform four additional rounds of patient assessment and triage, including the use of heart monitors.

    Paramedic and Director of Danbury Hospital EMS Matthew Cassavechia, tactical Paramedic and Danbury EMS supervisor John Reed, and Paramedic and Assistant Fire Chief Bernie Meehan were the three triage officers. The legal presumptions of death were made by this team, using the SMART Triage System protocols. Cassavechia operated as the senior medical person on scene and maintained phone contact with Danbury Hospital Medical Control Physician Dr. Pat Broderick, under whose medical authority the paramedics operated.

    The final determination of cause and manner of death was made the next day by the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner, who set up a temporary morgue in an army field tent at the school. As deceased victims were removed from the school building, the Chief Medical Examiner sought to make positive identification of the victims through photos, school records and personal and clothing descriptions, so that waiting parents could be properly notified.


      On the morning of December 14, 2012 CNN broadcast video footage of CT State Troopers running into the St. Rose of Lima School that is 1 mile away from Sandy Hook School in Newtown. The CNN video clearly shows this.

      The troopers were running into the school just before SUNDOWN as proven by the angle and direction of all shadows. No little kids would have even been present either at the St. Rose of Lima School just before sundown or at the Sandy Hook School.

      That video was shot the evening of December 13, 2012 at an “Active Shooter Drill” at St. Rose of Lima School…and that script was broadcast to the public the next day on December 14, 2012 at the condemned Sandy Hook School.

      This entire thing was a DHS/FBI operation conducted under the National Exercise Program (NEP) involving the CT State government, the Newtown CT government and the entire Newtown CT community. Newtown got a free replacement school out of it and the “families” were each paid over $250,000.00 each to participate. That is why we aren’t getting info and FOIA requests are stonewalled.

      National Exercise Program

      The National Exercise Program (NEP) is the Nation’s exercise program. This national initiative is to test, assess and improve the nation’s preparedness and resiliency. By assessing preparedness against a set of common national preparedness priorities, the Principals’ Objectives, the NEP improves preparedness and resiliency and affects policy, priorities and fiscal decisions.

      The NEP is truly national in scope with the goal of fostering coordination and building relationships across the Nation before an incident occurs.

      Each NEP cycle includes exercise types from drills to functional exercises and includes participants and exercises from all levels of government, non-governmental and private sector organizations and the Whole Community.


      Halbig is possibly part of the coverup. His court related activities have been extremely inept. Is that accidental?

      • I am sorry that I failed to see your comments when you made them. It is amazing that usually intelligent people such as yourself would accept a 52-second video,, as evidence of some kind of a fraud when so much evidence is available that proved that 26 people were slaughtered at Sandy Hook.

        I feel bad that you have been so terribly misled about the National Exercise Program (NEP). National Level Exercise 2012 (NLE 2012) was conducted in accordance with the National Exercise Program (NEP). Participants in NLE 2012 include representatives from the federal, state, local, and territorial agency officials, nongovernmental and private sector organizations, and international partners. NLE 2012 includes four main component exercises with common scenario and planning elements. These exercises began in March and will continue through June 2012.

        All capstone events are conducted at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) located in Anniston, Alabama, and training for state, local, and tribal responders is fully funded by the Department of Homeland Security. View:

        The St. Rose of Lima School on Church Hill Road in Newtown was about a mile away from the Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is not unreasonable for the police to be concerned and check the safety of the children at St. Rose of Lima. The St. Rose of Lima School was put on lock-down three times and the police swarmed the school.

        Also view:

        Halbig really did not file any FOIA documents as Connecticut does not have a form. There were some items that Halbig asked for that were readily available. Additionally, he asked for information from the wrong jurisdiction. One would not ask about FBI records from the school board. The questions that Halbig asked were answered in the official reports which Halbig claimed to have read.

        No one likes to be fooled. I am certain that if you conduct some real independent research that you will attain a measure of satisfaction and will be better prepared when someone presents fraudulent information. Trust yourself and your own conclusions after you have objectively studied the event. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Oh, my goodness, Deanna. You are an excellent investigator!
    I would hate to be caught in a lie with you (or anyone, really, but particularly with you!) You’d take me out so fast, my head would spin.
    Yet, Halbig still keeps it up, as if nothing you’ve pointed out phases him.

    I have a cousin who married a nice guy. For a living, he works for DOT, and I would imagine he is required to have a certification like Halbig got (from DOT). What does this cousin’s husband do? Quite literally, he hauls s__t. He pumps and hauls human waste. Uh-huh.
    So my question is this: when Halbig ain’t spewing s–t, is he hauling it, too?

  4. I’m not here to weigh in on the shooting at all. My skepticism begins and ends with Mr. Halbig’s inability to recall the dates he was sworn into the US customs agency, I’ve been through 2 civil service academies and I can recall by writ, my day of appointment and day of graduation, hell I can tell you what I scored on my civil service exams all these years later and the names of my investigators who did my background including my class numbers. It’s part of the culture, you never forget these things. I worked with officers with 30 plus years who knew there appointment date. And men who retired 15 years before I put on the uniform who knew from when to when they were officers, men who used the job for a few years as a stepping stone to other agencies who retired from their last agency with 20 plus years behind them and knew the dates they worked and even asked after men they worked with to see if they were still on the job. You just don’t forget that sort of history of your career no matter how short.
    Another red flag is how he states he joined US customs “to keep his hands in law enforcement”. US customs does not hire like a long shoremans job where you go to “shape up” the line boss points at you and your in, you have to file for an upcoming exam, pass it (which I’m sure he would have no trouble he’s an intelligent man) be placed on a list to be called for selection, take a polygraph, interview, written psychological exam psychologist interview, physical and wait for your assigned investigator to do a very in depth background check on you, far more detailed than the one FDLE and FHP did back in 1974 or 1984 for that matter, all this does not take place in the same week this process can take up to a year, after you pass all these requirements your placed on a candidate list. This waiting to go to the academy process can take up to 2 years and has taken as much as 4, Then after all that waiting you have to pass an academy. So you don’t just “Stick your hand” into a federal or any other level law enforcement job to keep your skills sharp, especially after 9/11. These jobs are hard to get today because they are more attractive than private sector jobs for job security, people put a lot of time into getting these positions, this is a serious career choice and agency retention is very very high and they want only candidates in for the duration, this is not a job driving a coal truck, where you quit after a few pay periods because you’ve earned enough money to buy the supercharger for your Barracuda. Now class, let’s do some basic math. In 2002 the maximum age to join US customs was age 40. Federal government law enforcement agencies do not give age waivers for candidates. Even if they gave him time off his age, like many city and state agencies do for military service he only served 3 years which still has him far out of bounds. So if Mr. Halbig was a Fla trooper In 1974 and the earliest he could apply and be appointed was age 18, which for some states back in 1974, it was already age 21. But let’s say for the sake of the argument it was 18, that would put his birth year at 1956. This made him ineligible to be a US customs agent in 1996. So he would have had to have been in the academy by 1995, once again he is vague about his assignments with the agency and brushes the question aside rather quickly, (that my friends is called a “tell”). My concern here is, he is yet another post 9/11 “battle proven expert” who builds a 40 year jacket on a year in police work, or 20 hours a week of TV. I’ve sat in many a public place over the years and listened to many a tall tale teller, spin me a yarn about being, a secret agent for the CIA or undercover for the DEA, and all the countless homicide detectives who told me the plot to Tuesdays episode of law and order Svu while I waited for my bacon burger lets me not forget the grizzled 30 year patrol cop giving me the word for word script from the episode of hill street blues where Renko and Hill get shot, (seriously I’m not kidding at all! about any of these). I’ve even sat there waiting for my wife to get out of the bathroom and listened to a guy 10 years younger than me, tell me how he was a Marine in my Division right down to my company and platoon the same time I was and for god sakes he even magically had us deployed somewhere in Southeast Asia when I know for a fact I was getting a tattoo on court street weekend. I’ve also confiscated a few phony shields or returned a legitimate one to someone’s Dad after junior took it out on a Saturday to impress the Ladies. All I’m saying is BullST sounds like BullST, and telling an obviously contrived tale that is easily taken apart makes anything you say suspect to being BullST, once again regardless of what he believes to be fact or fiction is not my current contention, what is? If his tenure with the Feds is not to be trusted the dates go against current agency policy and procedure, but hey what do I know, I’m just another sucker in a blue uniform and people tell me lies for sport so what frame of reference would I have on fact checking, its just my job right??? PS I’m not aware of the state of CT regulation but in certain municipalities like NYC and the state of NY, EMT and Paramedics officially pronounce death. So it’s not an absolute nationwide so make sure you check your local DOH protocol. That’s if your interested.

  5. “All U.S. airport customs officers attend 15 weeks of intensive paid training before beginning work. Training consists of classroom lessons and field instruction on topics including how to properly use a firearm.” Those who work in Puerto Rico, Miami, Florida… “must pass a Spanish proficiency exam or take six weeks of Spanish training classes.” Applicants also must be younger than 37 years of age. [10] He was born in 1947; he was too old for the position. In Halbig’s resume, he stated that he was a customs inspector (1993-1994) (age 46) and on my program from 2002 for about a year to a year and a half or two (age 55). Halbig, by collecting money using deceptive claims, is committing fraud.

    Laura Woods, Requirements to Become a U.S. Airport Customs Officer,; retrieved 2/3/2018

  6. Well Deanna I knew my dead reckoning math skills and semi working knowledge of other Peace officer requirements were in the grid square. I did not know he made earlier claims of his service with the Federal govt. that were different from one another, he obviously has some behavioral or personality issues (I’d have to check the DSM) thanks for your response. As a general rule I don’t make off duty arrests for impersonation but I do publicly Shame them on the spot, and I pray to all that’s holy he makes these claims to me in a packed public place, glad I found your site.

    • Blue Cannon Fodder – Please check Deanna’s radio schedule so you can listen to her upcoming program on RBN about Sandy Hook. It would be great if you could call in and share some of your knowledge about the requirements for work in US Customs and Civil Service agencies. There are many who believe the lying Wolfgang Halbig, and have even donated money to him. To check out Deanna’s schedule, you can go here:

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