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  1. This rampage on Halbig does absolutely nothing to change this magnificent fraud forged on the American people by operatives within the Obama/Soetoro administration. Of course the media and federal employees from FEMA, the FBI and Connecticut refuse to disclose the truth but an interested public avid in their quest for truth and justice have investigated this fraud on their own and collectively exposed this manufactured fraud and all it’s missing bits and pieces. From the predated publishing of death to the massive amounts of unaccounted cash into the United Way and personal “grieving parents” accounts. Hundreds of questions remain about the forged victim family photos, the unusual senior moms of fake dead kids, none of the two hundred plus kids shown on positioned patrol car dash cams fleeing the abandoned school, and this is a good one—-no EMT’s allowed into the school to perform potential life saving efforts, simply denied? That is sick and I dare anyone to explain that one with any sense of humanity. That is indefensible. And who determines cause of death? the cops? Nope, the coroner but he didn’t do it and these liars keep trying to make us believe that? This story is so full of holes it completely condemns congress and the DOJ to third world status for allowing this garbage to continue.

  2. Ed, I understand your frustration. Many of the claims that you cite come from Halbig and his supporters. The three officers that initially entered the school were EMTs. You are right, EMTs do not declare death. However, in any Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) officials use the Start Triage which uses four colors: black, red, green and yellow. Victims are then tagged according to those assessments. According to the Mass Casualty Care Committee, convened by the Connecticut EMS Advisory Board (November 16, 2005) the tagging of patients is usually completed in the first 10-15 minutes. Only one or two people are responsible for these assessments. Tagging is completed before the back-up responders are brought in from the staging area, which in the case of SHES was the Sandy Hook firehouse.

    Among the law enforcement first responders, there were two EMTs (CSP Sgt William Cario and TFC Patrick Dragon), and one Registered Nurse (CSP Sgt. William Blumenthal). Six and a half minutes after his arrival at the school, and after the shooter’s body and those of his victims were found, Sgt. Cario switched to a medic role, put on gloves and performed the first patient assessments. Approximately 11 minutes later, Sgt. Cario escorted three tactical and highly-trained paramedics into the school to perform four additional rounds of patient assessment and triage, including the use of heart monitors.

    Paramedic and Director of Danbury Hospital EMS Matthew Cassavechia, tactical Paramedic and Danbury EMS supervisor John Reed, and Paramedic and Assistant Fire Chief Bernie Meehan were the three triage officers. The legal presumptions of death were made by this team, using the SMART Triage System protocols. Cassavechia operated as the senior medical person on scene and maintained phone contact with Danbury Hospital Medical Control Physician Dr. Pat Broderick, under whose medical authority the paramedics operated.

    The final determination of cause and manner of death was made the next day by the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner, who set up a temporary morgue in an army field tent at the school. As deceased victims were removed from the school building, the Chief Medical Examiner sought to make positive identification of the victims through photos, school records and personal and clothing descriptions, so that waiting parents could be properly notified.

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