Mr. Halbig, Your Answers, Please — 4 Comments

  1. Hey, Deanna! Thanks for bringing back sanity in the realm of Sandy Hooksters.
    Halbig should wish he’d never bothered you, “Little Lady”.
    I use that expression only because that is what I hear in the mind of Halbig when he speaks to you. What a demeaning sort he is.

  2. I can answer #17 and attest to the fact Wolfgang was visited by local homicide detectives re: Sandy Hook. I have copies of the reports.

    • Anyone who had conducted research on Sandy Hook has the reports. Halbig, with his emails and phone calls, harassed the police in Newtown. Halbig claimed credentials that he did not have. At the time, Halbig was taking Cymbalta and Wellbutrin which may have contributed to his claims and his general mental stability..

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