Nobody Staged the House; it WAS the Lanza Residence, Part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. This comment is meant for all of the Sandy Hook “hoaxers” out there, even though it’s doubtful that any of them would read Ms. Spingola’s latest article, much less this comment. Why should they? After all, they have done their due diligence of the subject by watching every youtube video proving the theory that the entire event was a hoax, and the most diligent among them may have even read Fetzer’s book (actually a compilation of others’ work) on the subject.

    Never mind the fact that every one of the points (16) that the hoaxers use to prove their theory have been debunked thoroughly by independent researchers, including Deanna Spingola. Never mind Spingola’s 500+ page book proving unequivocally that Adam Lanza, a vaccine-damaged, malnourished, psychiatric patient who owned several guns and knew how to use them, shot and killed 26 at the school on December 14, 2012. But the Sandy Hook Hoaxers just keep coming back, with the same old tired points.

    This well-researched article shows how photos can be selectively chosen, misconstrued and taken out of sequence to convince the gullible of the outrageous theory that the Lanza home and the Sandy Hook School were staged by conspirators to make them look like crime scenes. I believe that Ms. Spingola has proved beyond any doubt that the Lanza home, especially Adam’s bedroom was not a staged scene.

    If one reads this article, and yet is still unsure of whether to believe the hoaxers and the youtube videos, or whether to believe Ms. Spingola, please read her previous articles which address some of the other points cited by Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer and a few others. Better yet, buy and read “Screening Sandy Hook – Causes and Consequences”, which is the most thorough book about this sad subject.

    The Sandy Hook Hoaxers are in effect accusing parents of faking their child’s brutal murder. Think about that for a minute. Hoaxers, for what it’s worth, I pity you, for I would not want this false accusation on my conscience. Take the time to research this issue thoroughly, and retract your accusations – publicly if you can. It’s the right thing to do.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to my article. It is interesting that the hoaxers repeatedly and totally ignore all of the available evidence. I emailed Allan Powell about ten days ago and asked him to be a guest on my radio program to talk about the two chapters that he contributed to Fetzer’s book. He did not reply. I have also challenged Fetzer to a legitimate debate with an unbiased moderator. He is not interested. It is unfortunate that repeated lies often become the truth and the truth becomes the lie. Thanks again!!

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